> Scrapbooking Minnie's Class

I put together this scrapbook as an end of school year gift for Arwen's preschool teacher. Since this was Miss Minnie's only year teaching at this school, I thought it'd be nice to have something to remind her of each of her students. Parents were asked to submit their child's photo, a sample of his/her artwork, and a quote about what their child likes most about school or Miss Minnie. I received almost 100% participation from the parents and embellished pages for the children without all three components. Think it came out pretty well considering the short time frame I had to assemble.

Minnies_Book 322
Minnies_Book 323
Minnies_Book 324
Minnies_Book 325
Minnies_Book 326
Minnies_Book 327
Minnies_Book 328
Minnies_Book 329
Minnies_Book 330
Minnies_Book 331
Minnies_Book 332
Minnies_Book 333
Minnies_Book 334
Minnies_Book 335
Minnies_Book 336
Minnies_Book 337
Minnies_Book 338
Minnies_Book 339
Minnies_Book 340
Minnies_Book 341
Minnies_Book 342
Minnies_Book 343
Minnies_Book 344
Minnies_Book 345
Minnies_Book 346
Minnies_Book 347
Minnies_Book 348
Minnies_Book 349
Minnies_Book 350
Minnies_Book 351
Minnies_Book 352